Marleigh Kaye Naulu

Sunday, June 2

Marleigh Kaye Naulu has finally arrived.  She is as beautiful as I could have ever imagined.  She is literally perfect.  I always had this weird theory that it took babies a few days to get past the little alien newborn stage.  That is completely false!  She was gorgeous right out of the womb!  I seriously could stare at her for hours.  I love how we can stare at and smell babies all the time and it's not creepy at all. ha ha   I am so excited that there is finally a baby around, I just wish she didn't live clear in Salt Lake.  This is the first grandchild on both sides so she is going to be one spoiled little miss!  Grandpa and Grandma Naulu were dancing in the car because they were so happy!  You can officially call me Aunty Cait, it's my favorite title so far!

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