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Wednesday, May 29

I wish I had a good excuse for not posting for a month and a half, but I don't.  I'm just horrible.
This whole summer school thing is sure not a sweet cold glass of lemonade.  It's more like a glass of warm, rotten milk.  It's definitely an adjustment but I am so grateful to be in the special education program and finally learning things that apply to my career.  I do have to admit however, although the thought of homework always makes me want to smack something, I get excited to learn the next subject because all of the topics we are learning about are so interesting.  I am learning so much and I just hope I can remember it and apply these things to my future classroom.

I love Monday holidays.  Although, they always mess up my mentality for the rest of the week and I can never remember what day it is, there is something glorious about the weekend not ending on Sunday night.  With Dall's schedule being completely full and unworkable, I thought we wouldn't be able to do any fun trips at all over the summer.  That's probably just my sour attitude speaking but I was sure thankful for Memorial Day.  Right after church on Sunday, we headed up Spanish Fork canyon, up to a place called Diamond Fork.  We found a perfect little camping spot right next to a stream.  There was nothing greater than going to sleep and waking up to the sound of flowing water (other than it makes your morning pee almost unbearable).  Our menu consisted of hot dogs, pork and beans, Clay's famous corn dip, chips, vegetables, and lemonade for dinner.  For breakfast we had some mean breakfast burritos all thanks to Clay and Kenz.  We explored, hiked, and the boys tried and succeeded at killing some things (poor beetle).  There is something special about heading out to enjoy mother nature and detaching yourself from the rest of the world.  I love any chance I get to shut off my phone for an extended amount of time.  It's so refreshing.  

On Monday evening, I went with my dad to visit all of our family's graves.  There is a certain sweet spirit in the cemetery on this special day.  I love seeing all of the beautiful flowers showering the grass everywhere you look.  I miss my grandparents more than words can describe but I can only imagine how happy my grandpa and grandma are to finally be with each other after living without each other for 11 years.  I anxiously await the day when we can all be together again.  It is going to be one big celebration!

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  1. Just found your blog! I love your pictures and am excited to follow you!



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