merry christmas to us.

Thursday, June 13

Well, there's a baby in my belly.  We are soon-to-be parents!!  How scary does that sound?? ha ha  We are literally over the moon excited!!  I'm 13 weeks along and I'm due December 22nd.  We like to keep things interesting and live on the edge I guess.  When the doctor pulled out his tool to figure out my due date, his first words were "Cutting it close." ha ha and cutting close we are.  With my luck, the baby will be born on Christmas Day but let's start praying now that that won't happen.  I haven't felt any different with my pregnancy other than being tired and taking outrageously long naps here and there but hey, I'd say that was pretty normal already! ha ha I am soooo grateful I haven't been sick at all and it's probably because Heavenly Father knows just how badly I hate throwing up and being nauseous.  There is literally nothing I hate more.  

Oh, did you notice the adorable pictures above?  The credit goes to the adorable and glorious Alexa Zurcher over at He and I blog.  She is adorable in every sense of the word!  She was so willing to help us with whatever we needed.  She was a necessity to the announcement so I am so glad she was available. Thanks again Ms. Alexa, we owe you big time!


  1. that baby is going to be adorable. Congratulations!

  2. no way!!!! i'm so freaking excited for you guys! i'm sure that baby is going to be absolutely beautiful. congrats!

  3. ahhhhh!
    you two are seriously the most adorable people i've ever met.
    and your baby is going to be gorgeous/handsome, i already know it!
    thanks for letting me in on the secret early ;)

    p.s. lets get together for lunch sometime!

  4. congrats!! that is such exciting news!

  5. yay! congratulations, soo excited to see your belly grow!!

  6. This is the cutest baby reveal idea ever! Props to Alexa, did she draw it all herself too? Geez I'm seriously really impressed. Also big congratulations to you Caitlin!! That's super nice you haven't been sick at all, I hope it stays that way for you. I know morning sickness is the one thing that I'm just dreading about being pregnant. So hopefully maybe I'll have your luck!

  7. i love this idea! it's so creative and unique. my husband and i have been in limbo trying to decide when we should start trying for a baby of our own, so i loved this post! i hope the lord blesses me with a good pregnancy like yours! i hate throwing up as well. crossing my fingers and congrats to you two! :)

    andrea brionne

  8. I love this announcement idea!! So cute!


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