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Wednesday, April 3


1. It's official people.  Spring has sprung.  I absolutely love the trees during spring time.
2. Although, I don't miss the snow, running up hobble creek canyon has won my heart.
3. The wind in Utah County is beyond horrible.  I mean, it blows the stoplights sideways.
4. Our home is made by infinite love notes covering every room, the budget doesn't allow nice furnishings yet.
5. Lipton noodle soup.  Extra Noodles. Who needs the chicken anyway?
6. TJ Max served us well in St. George.  I seriously adore this little beauty.
7. I went to visit my little sister at her new school the other day.  I gladly interrupted her tummy time.  Isn't she too cute to handle?  Ah!
8. Bowling with Dall and Hannah Banana (the cutest special needs girl I work with) has become one of my favorite hobbies.
9. Caribbean Passion from Jamba is my go-to.  Orange Peel is becoming a close second though.
10. Saturdays are for deep cleaning and staying in your pajamas until 3 pm.  (Today is the day I clean up that large mess I created)
11. Yet another photo of my cute bug.  She's even sporting my christmas present.  She must have known I was coming.
12. Last Sunday Dall wanted to go have some cuddle time.  He was out cold in a matter of minutes.  He slept, I instagrammed.
13. Goodies in the mail are close to the top of my list of things that brighten my day.
14. One of the goodies that came.  I finally did something trendy and it was only 15 dollars.  Thank you Very Jane.  Go check it out.
15. Dall and I spent the day with Hannah at Trafalga.  We partied like 12 year olds free of charge.  (the pass of all passes is finally paying off.)
16. We took the leap into adulthood and BOUGHT A CAR!!  Meet the newest member of our family even though she is still nameless.  We'll get there.
17. A morning study from the April Ensign.  It's a good one folks.
18. I was finally able to bring yoga back into my life.  I cannot tell you how much I love it.  It is one thing that actually helps me calm down and relax but I get a workout as well.  Perfect right?  You should come with me.  It's the bomb.
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  1. This post has inspired me to both try out yoga once and for all and to use my Pass of all Passes more. Seriously you can get into Trafalga for free too? I had no idea but that makes me super excited.

    By the way Caitlin I just have to tell you that I love your blog. It's been fun to get to know you a bit better (well through as much as you can with your blog at least) and I look forward to following along on your pregnancy journey!


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