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Friday, April 5

I am absolutely horrible.  My birthday was on March 12th.  Obviously, I'm awful at playing catch up.
What this special day entailed:
//Sharing a tub of our favorite ice cream at our favorite look out.
// A long drive to the mystery location which turned out to be...
// A to-die-for dinner at Carvers.  Absolute BEST steak I've ever had in my life.
// A blindfolded trip back home.  He lost me pretty quick.
// A piggy-back ride back into the house where all our family and friends were waiting.

I was so excited that of course I forgot to take pictures.  It doesn't take much for me to forget these days.  I also have this knack for crying at surprise parties.  I'm psycho, I know.  When everyone yells surprise, it's like my body gets confused and thinks crying is the best option to show my emotion.  Good one.  It was lot more embarrassing when it happened when I was 12.  All my friends thought I was crazy.

Well, here's to being one year older and smarter too.  I still have not gone out and bought a beer yet.  I figured it wouldn't be as cool when I whip out my temporary paper license.  As soon as my real one arrives, I'll tell you how it goes.  (For those of you that didn't read the last post about this, I'm not going to drink it. Phew!  I know what you were thinking.)

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