little things.

Saturday, April 13

I am so grateful for forehead kisses when dall gets home from work.
I am so grateful that dall feels that it's important to open my door for me...always.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to pray daily and build my relationship with Heavenly Father.
I am so grateful for the comfort that comes from the sweet words of our prophets.
I am so grateful for rainy days and the smell that comes with them.
I am so grateful for sunsets.  This Earth is truly an amazing place.
I am thankful for kindness.  One person's kind words do make a difference.  A huge one.
I am grateful for the smell of fresh cut grass.  It's always a nice summer welcome.
I am grateful for lazy mornings spent cuddling in bed.
I am grateful for the smell of clean laundry and hopping into freshly cleaned sheets.
I am grateful for an ice cold pepsi when the craving becomes too much to handle.
I am grateful to be me.  To have this time to become the person I have always dreamed of being.

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  1. lovely, lovely, lovely!

  2. really love this. something i needed to hear this week :) i could work on this outlook :)


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