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Wednesday, March 27

I forgot to share our trip to sunny St. George we took over spring break. We went last March as well without realizing it.  Apparently it has become a slight tradition in the Naulu household.  We took our camera but only took pictures hiking.  You can blame our bad memories.

Our trip consisted of:
An eight hour drive down because of car trouble.
A free stay in my uncle's condo
Breakfast at The Egg & I (I literally look forward to it every trip down there)
A day spent hiking in Leeds
Hours spent in the sunny rays watching baseball and softball games
Fine dining with some of our closest couple friends
A glorious temple trip for these two first timers over here (absolutely beautiful!)
A trip or two to the legendary Nielsen's Frozen Custard. (silky smooth heaven in a cup)
An evening spent visiting with some of Dall's family
A fun filled quality drive home where one of us was zonked the whole time

Thanks S.G.  We'll be back soon.

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  1. I lived in St George for ten years and have never been to the Egg and I. I must go next time!

    Love your pictures! Your eyes are GORGEOUS!

  2. how do you get your bun so perfect?
    i am 100 % jealous of your cuteness.

  3. cool photos! looks so fun.

  4. Love these pictures! A trip to st George is always a fave!! Jealous! :)


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