oh thank you kitty hines. meow.

Saturday, February 16

The filter is officially off.  I am about to give all the dirty details of our mini Valentine's getaway.  Okay, not really because that would make Dall blush...or faint... and it would most likely make you nauseous.  I'm inappropriate.  It comes with marriage.

First things first, the gifts.  I always get super excited to watch Dall open his gifts.  (Hence there is only one picture of my gift (which I absolutely LOVED and jumped up and down when I saw it) which I am not in because I snatched the camera and forced Dall to open his.  I do apologize for the slightly inappropriate things but not really because it's Valentines Day so what do you expect?  Of course there is going to be some love making on the holiday of love.  It only makes sense.

My Gift:  Flowers, (which apparently the florist totally messed up on, oops.  They were still great) candy, and pictures he blew up and MOD PODGED onto wood.  He even painted the edges.  He is impressive, I know.

His Gift:  A book, (he's a reader.), some risque lingerie, some purchased and homemade coupons, (you get creative when you're poor) and some other funny fillers. (I always buy unnecessary things.)

Moving on.  Dall being as glorious as always let us book a stay at a bed and breakfast because I have always wanted to stay in one.  Boy will we go back!  I seriously loved every single thing about our experience!  We got online and started looking in Salt Lake but found this cute gem in our neighbor town of Provo.  Win.  What is this glorious place you're wondering? (as if the picture didn't already give it away)  It's the Hines Mansion. Go check it out.  The pictures on the website don't do it justice.  Our room has definitely been updated since the picture on there was taken.

We stayed in the Kitty Hines room and we loved everything about it!  It's quaint, romantic, clean, cozy, and absolutely perfect.  All of the rooms at the mansion have a giant jacuzzi tub in them which is a big plus.  We haven't enjoyed the luxury of having a bath tub since we've been married.  We have been cursed with coffin showers.  Ya know, the ones where you have to stand up in a coffin like space where you hit your elbows anytime you move.  Yeah those ones.

Next up, they have a lot of old movies you can choose from to take up and watch in your room and while you're at it, you might as well grab some of the fresh homemade cookies they have set out for you.  Yeah, I know, it keeps getting better.  We just grabbed some cookies because we brought The Holiday from home to watch.  Oh, I forgot to tell you the thrill factor I experienced upon my arrival.  I walked up the stairs into a room showered with rose petals and sparkling cider waiting for me. (The sparkling cider comes with your purchase, the rose petals are extra.  Dall, what a charmer.)

When you wake up in the morning, you head to the dining room to eat a home cooked breakfast.  It was yummy, let me tell you because I'm sure you were afraid I would leave out some details.  It started with some yogurt with fresh berries and granola.  Next up was a plate full of fresh fruit.  Lastly, was french toast topped with strawberries served with bacon.  I was overly full but it was well worth the weight gain.

I would seriously recommend this place to anyone whether it be for Valentine's, an anniversary, or even just a night to get away and relax.  My opinion may be slightly biased because I love anything old, antique, or vintage but still.  Sorry for all of the unnecessary commentary but we never go all out, and go all out we did so I feel it vital to express my excitement.  Whoo!!

I hope you all had a glorious Valentine's Day because I know we did!  (I used to hate Valentine's day before being married.  Marriage does a real number on the day of love.  Maybe because I actually have a love for it now.  So for you single ladies, it gets better, I promise.)


  1. You two are simply gorgeous. And that place looks heavenly. I'll definitely have to check it out.

  2. i was totally the same way. i hated valentines but im pretty sure it was just because i was bitter and single. Married valentines is so so sooooo much better!

  3. I'm glad that your sexy bubble bath kit was a success. what i would do for a bath tub that size in our apartment. (hashtag)nevergoingtohappen.

  4. I cannot tell you how great this post is. Also, I'm really bummed that I didn't know about those candy hearts until now.

  5. that bubble bath looks perfect

  6. ok woah i feel like i pass this place all the time! I never would have thought that it was a bread and breakfast. It is adorable! I love the "homey" feel, and that BUBBLE BATH! hot dang... did they add the rose petal touch, or did you? too adorable!

    1. You have to pay extra for the bed and breakfast to do it. (They were fake roses though, weird and slightly creepy right?) Dall is quite the charmer, it definitely added to the first impression!


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