//He has already developed his hobby for retirement life of taking pictures of wildlife (birds) and nature.
//His unmistakable quality of being amazing with children.  I anxiously await the day we can call him dad.
//His firm, unshakeable testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He will forever be a righteous example to me and our family.
//He will do everything in his power to love and support our family in all aspects of life.
//He is the most patient, trusting, loyal, generous, thoughtful, kind hearted man I have ever met.

I'd say I'm a little more than fortunate.
I love you Dallin Ray.
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  1. This is precious. Husbands are fun.

  2. this is lovely. cant wait till i finally marry my man.

  3. Okay seriously...your blog is adorable. I am officially jealous. I love how simple it looks! Pretty sure I could never figure this out haha do you use photoshop for your header and stuff? Love love love..love some more and more love. Cutest blog ever.

    - Haylie

    1. Oh whoa, you are far too kind. ha ha Thank you so much! I use picasa, just google it and you can download it for free; that's the best part. With that and the infinite free fonts online, you can do anything! If you have any questions about picasa, please let me know. I just learned everything through trial and error. (caitlinnaulu@hotmail.com)

  4. this is so darling!!! warms my heart.


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