i was on team pink. shocking i know.

Friday, February 15

It's a girl!! Kachow!  
Who was on team pink?? This girl!! I had to wear the only pink (more of a dusty rose) shirt I own.

Gender reveal party.  Best idea ever created.  It was an absolute blast!  This is the first grandchild on both sides so it's quite the anticipated event. Hurry baby Naulu, come quick so I can snuggle you.... and possibly steal you. Shhh

At first they weren't going to find out the gender and I thought they had literally lost their minds.  Come on, where is the logic in that?  (unless you already have a boy and a girl) How in the world am I going to start buying cute baby shoes, clothes, and more shoes?  I may have peed a little when I opened the party invitation in the mail.  (wetting my pants has occurred way too often in my posts, my apologies)

They had the news put in an envelope which they took to magelby's so they knew what color of frosting to put in the cake.  We all found out together and I'll see if I can upload the video because Saia's reaction was quite humorous.  I feel like 90 percent of the people there were so sure it was a boy.  They almost had me convinced until the cake was cut.  I seriously cannot wait until this little miss comes.  I can't wait to meet her!  

I am sooo happy for you Saia & Kell.  You guys are going to be absolutely amazing parents!

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