oh for the clarity!

Friday, December 28

Well, I'm officially obsessed with our new camera.  I can at least take a non-blurry picture now, so that's an accomplishment. (We ended up buying the Canon Rebel T3 which was bundled with an extra lens which was a way good deal, which made us way happy. Double win.  Thank you Best Buy.)

As you can see, nothing too exciting has been going on so I have been taking pictures of pointless things.  Well, kind of.  

An exciting thing about the first picture is that I finally got to wear my new sweater from Christmas that I'm in love with.  Orange is my favorite color, I know, It pushes social boundaries.  

An exciting thing about the second picture is that we were in the car going to buy all the crafty materials to decorate for the christmas party I'm having tomorrow.  It's the annual holiday hoedown didn't you know?  It's the annual christmas party where about 15 of our girl friends who we graduated with congregate together to eat and talk.  It's my turn to throw it this year so I'm quite excited about it.

A VERY exciting thing about the third picture is that Walmart actually had Salt and Vinegar Lays Stax IN STOCK!!!!!  They are always fresh out people, which is probably a good thing for my love handles.... but this time I couldn't resist and they were sooo tasty!

Well, if that's not a pointless post, I don't know what is.

Have a glorious day everyone and I hope your enjoying every minute of your break!


  1. So exciting, i love my canon! Cant wait to see your new posts with this beauty by your side :)

  2. I love my canon camera a lot too! I bring it almost everywhere with me.


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