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Wednesday, December 26

Nikon vs. Canon. ("Let the chess match continue.")

We're in a slight pickle friends.  We are planning to purchase our first SLR camera this week but don't exactly have even a slight clue of which one to get.  I lean slightly more toward Canon because I heard it is a little more user friendly.  This interests me because frankly, I'm mortified to even attempt running one of these intricate machines.

This is where you come in.  What camera do you have and what do you like about it?  Any advice for us?  Where do we even begin?  And lastly, where are some good places to go look for one?  We are planning to spend anywhere from $500 to $600 big ones.  Quite the investment for poor newlyweds.  I am in desperate need of improving the quality of our photos (which also includes photoshop, I know) and I really want it for recording videos as well.

Any advice you may have, pa pa pa please send it this way.  Ready, go.

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  1. B&h photo or Costco usually have great deals. Canon is my fav brand, but both are excellent! Canon rebel t3 is great, all the rebels are! Invest in a 50 mm, f/1.8 lens, totally worth it. (And only $100! So cheap for a great lens!) Get the student version of Photoshop, much cheaper, same thing. Take a few classes to learn your camera and Photoshop, totally worth it and you'll learn a lot!!


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