frost yourself.

Sunday, December 30

Well, I survived.  I planned the annual holiday hoedown and I crushed it.  (Pitch Perfect.  Fat Amy.  Enough said.)

The theme this year was white Christmas so I had a heyday decking everything out in and white and silver.  I don't think i've used that much glitter in my entire life.

I always anxiously await this party.  I get all giddy just thinking about the future years when we're all married and have little munchkins running around.  This will be a tradition I will always look forward to.... and next year, I'll be slightly glad I'm not the one planning it.  It's always fun to do the entertaining but it does require a lot of time and energy.

Hands down, I have the most amazing friends out there.  Considering the lack of what you would call a "reasonable" boy selection in our graduating class, the girl clan surely made up for it.  All 18 of us graduated together and somehow end up getting together for this party each year (or at least most of us).  I love how positive the atmosphere is, with compliments flying back and forth like rockets.  I know if the world is ending in two days, I've got my army ready.  I don't know how I got lucky enough to call all these glorious blessings my friends.  I love each and every one of them.

Now I can't believe it's almost over.  Christmas is my favorite time of year.  It's the mixture of the sweet spirit during this time of remembering the birth of our Savior and the coziness of fires, christmas trees, hot cocoa, and fuzzy socks.  I'm denying that the holidays are almost over.  I get depressed even thinking about it.  I wonder how badly people will judge me if I keep our tree up all year round.  I feel like it makes the house so cozy.  

I think I better stop, I'm probably hurting January's feelings.  

I hope you all have a happy new year and hey, you might even want to get yourself a new year smooch.  I know I will.


  1. cait! haha i tried to email you on FB but you deleted your account you bum! (ive totally thought about doing the same thing numerous times!) however! I know that you have been doing Utah State online and i just have a few questions for you! was your tuition A LOT more expensive than just taking the courses regularly? do you go to the orem campus that they have? haha sorry tons of questions! email me back at!

    ps LOVE THIS POST. beyond clever idea!

  2. Oh my heck! Your decor is AMAZING! You are so crafty and creative. It's beautiful!


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