i am despicable.

Monday, November 5

It's seriously not right how excited I am to see this movie.  Next summer cannot come quick enough.  It's pure torture that they put the trailers out so soon.

I have eaten an equivelant of a grocery bag full of candy in three days.  Sorry arteries, I got the munchies. 

I went on a lady date this weekend with this gal.  It was glorious.  Dall thinks it's sketchy.  I think it's great.  Station 22.  Center Street in Provo.  Go there.  It wasn't awkward at all and she probably knows more things now than some of my closest friends.  I have no filter but I feel like it's better that way.  I love that social networking is becoming real life.  Score.  You can never have enough friends.  I do now know that online dating would be incredibly awkward however.  Meeting them for the first time would definitely make my tush sweat; and I'd probably take a gun.  Good thing I'm married and have semi-normal social habits. 

I have lost the will to get ready.  Last week, I did not brush my hair once.  It's a fact.  I let my hair air dry every day.  If I brush it then there's no curl so I hope that makes me somewhat less disgusting.  My make-up routine consists soley of mascara and blush.  Sometimes I wonder why I'm a girl. 

Sometimes our clean laundry sits in the dryer for three days before I fold it.  I'm a great house wife. 

We (I) will most likely put our christmas tree up this week.  No judging.  It's the happiest holiday of them all don't you know?  I just want to cozy up on the couch by the tree with some hot chocolate (cocoa motion status) and a chocolate orange.   

With all of that said, some how Dall still loves me.  It's a pure and utter miracle I tell ya.

Happy week ladies.... and gents?


  1. I asked my mother in law if we can set up the christmas tree. She said no.

    I think you're crazy but I think I will go buy a tree this week.

    let's craft.

  2. you just summed up my life in this post. minus the lunch paragraph. ;)


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