hello november. i want fall back.

Wednesday, November 14

So sorry for the mishap.  I couldn't come up with a November "look" for the life of me.  Simple is always safe and I always tend to love it so I went that route this month.  (You are probably sick of all this handout mumbo jumbo but it encourages me to do my visiting teaching. It's a personal thing.)

This month we are suppose to prayerfully consider a talk from general conference to share with our sisters.  What better talk than "Consider The Blessings" from our one and only president.  I have listened to this talk while getting ready almost every other day and Dall still asks me, "Haven't you already listened to this talk?" He has impeccably bad memory, as do I.  I loved his talk and the experiences he shared.  

We all have so much to be grateful for but it's so easy to wish for and want so much more.  I've decided living the simple life is a whole lot less stressful.  I'm all about owning that we're dirt poor and soaking in every minute of it.  I know these times are going to fly by and in the future, when we are financially stable (If we're lucky), I am going to miss these days.  They're a beautiful thing.  Seriously.

Here's to being poor and only paying for rent, gas, and food.  It's the good life.

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  1. haha! i think this is cute. sometimes there's something oddly romantic about being tight on cash…it really does make you appreciate what you have.


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