thrift stores and temple trips. say no more.

Sunday, April 22

we finally made our way down to the town of four high schools.  we were beyond ecstatic to go to a session in the st. george temple!  dallin did what he does best however and forgot his church clothes.. but don't you fear because there are glorious thrift stores here.  the d.i. is about four steps up from the one in provo.  i love any excuse to go and embarrass dallin with my overly rambunctious attitude toward thrift stores.  

$19.00 = slacks, shirt, tie, belt, and shoes.

need i say more?  anything that is cheap and full of glory has my vote!

although dall may just have a million suits by the time we're elderly, at least we'll have a souvenir from every trip we went on!

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  1. haha I love this. & I love thrift stores. bingo!!


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