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Thursday, April 19

I'm always late in the game, but hey better late than never always applies in my world! 

I have about 10 days left in the month so heck, i have more than an entire week to visit my glorious sisters.  I honestly feel like they bless my life more than I bless theirs.  Maybe that's the point? Who knows.  

As of now, I visit the most adorable girls!  One is a mother to her first, and the second is a mother to be.  (what do you think this does to my baby hunger?)  yeah, tell me about it! The ratio of lesson to baby talk is about 1to 10.  I hope that's legal.  

Well i'll stop this this baby blabber before i lose control!  I finally created a handout and for those of you that can relate to my procrastinating, feel free to snag it!  Cheers to more happy visiting than teaching!   


  1. Anonymous4/19/2012

    aren't those relief society sisters the greatest?

    i just got called to young womens... i'm so sad to leave!

  2. I steal your hand outs every month :) I'm excited to see May's!!!


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