it's the simple things in life.

Wednesday, April 18

it's the simple things in life that make a big difference.

i love having fresh flowers in the kitchen because they make up for the lack of sunlight in our basement apartment and instantly brighten the mood.

i love the forehead kisses Dallin gives me when he leaves for his early morning class because he thinks i'm asleep (i never am)

i love anything slightly out of the ordinary, because it consumes mine and Dallin's attention for a good ten mintues. (and of course we have to take pictures) a drain bubble, seriously? you have full permission to make fun of us. 

i love daily prayers and scripture study with dall.  we always get a kick out of my lovely curse of not being able to pronounce words correctly. 

the list could go on and on. 

i'm so grateful to be living the humble life of a newlywed.  i couldn't ask for anything more.  with dall by my side, we could conquer the world!  i'm definitely on team marriage!  to all you single ladies, get married as soon as possible, it's a glorious thing.

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