Wednesday, April 25

You can describe this week with no other word than peculiar.

We currently have 7 wedding invitations on our fridge. Tis the season!

I have had 7 times 10 awkward encounters with bugs.

For those of you that do not know this small fact about me.. i DESPISE insects. it's usually nothing personal.
This week that has changed however.  I was just a girl walking into her bathroom when sir spider decides to graciously glide down on his web from the ceiling and almost smack me right in that face!  Don't even fret, there are plenty more.  During my drive up north to go to work, a bee decides to fly in my face, this was all fine until I realized he was on MY side of he windshield!  I'll put it lightly when I say I almost wrecked. 
We have about 7 times 100 boxes slowing taking over our apartment.

My last request would be:
7 times 1,000,000 more mintues in a day, so I could conquer this crazy schedule of mine.

I am also on a mad hunt for curtains/drapes for our new apartment.
(Peeping Toms are my second to worst fear. Taking the backseat to sharks.)
I'm mainly hunting for a light yellow or coral, but a lighter green may be in the running.
If anyone has any pointers of where I could look, please help a girl out!

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