sabbath thought.

Sunday, December 2

Today is the second offical day of winter clothes.  Welcome.

I'm sicker than a dog and I barely have a voice.  I cannot say something without D laughing at me.

Today's sacrament meeting was especially great.  The fast and testimony meeting focused on missionary work.  About three months ago or so, our bishop (who is an absolutely amazing man) started having a missionary prep class every other Sundy before church. In this class, one thing they do is role play with each other and teach the lessons they will soon be teaching their investigators. D was asked to help out being a recently returned missionary and all, and he always came home telling me how much he loved going and helping out.

Now with the age change, they have the missionary prep class every Sunday before church.  Today, D said he encouraged the seven boys who attended to bear their testimonies today during sacrament meeting.  One boy stood up and before you knew it, all seven boys were up there waiting to bear their tesimonies of this great class and of our wonderful gospel.   

I love fast and testimony meeting.  There is always a sweet spirit present and we have the chance to learn more about members of the ward. (Heaven knows, D and I need all the help we can get)  Our ward is absolutely amazing and I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to be involved in such an amazing atmosphere filled with such kind and generous people. 

The church is true. 

Have a glorious Sunday everyone!

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