sorry, i took a vacation.

Friday, November 2

to instaworld.

Nail time with Hannah                                                                                                         Halloween in the Preschool was
Banana is the best.                                                                                                         supreme.  I was a mean old witch
(She's a special needs girl I work with.)                                                                     with a hat.  (It's one of our favorite songs)

I have been trying to eat healthy.  My heart is pretty happy about it.  Dallin thinks my rabbit food is gross.

I have also been 
receiving guidance from Panda Express. It was greatly appreciated.

We went and watched D's little sister, sabrina play in state volleyball.  She rocked it.

I GOT INTO MY PROGRAM!!!!!  Who's going to be special ed teacher?? I am baby!!  It called for a good dose of Tebow celebration.

Shopping is good for the soul.  Especially when it's for fall/winter attire.  

Meet Rosa.  She's our tacky car in our classy neighborhood.  We love her.  It will be a sad day when we get a new car.

I have already started wrapping christmas gifts.  Mother like daughter.  It's an illness.

The mother-in-law borrowed my Napoleon get up to wear to her elementary school.  It was a great night.

We won best costume award.  Win.  There is nothing better than a free meal.

The cruise 2013 fund has officially started.  I cannot contain my excitement.

I fill my alone time with Grey's and Orville.  We make a pretty good team.

My guilty pleasure: These >>>>>>>>>
You seriously cannot stop yourself.  I appreciate Costo.

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