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Sunday, October 14

Be jealous of our Sundy best.  Scoot.  Softball helmet.  Need I say more?

Sunday dinners at the parentals are always supreme. 

I taught my first official lesson in primary today.  It went well.  I think I try too hard to make them like me and think I'm funny.  For some reason, a child's opinion always matters a lot.  I love their honesty and bright spirits. 

Tomorrow is the first day of preschool after a week of being sick.  I can't wait.  I miss them.  Summer is going to be rough.

Over the weekend, some fine gems found their way into our home.  I'm hoping I'll remember to take pictures.  Cross your fingers.  Zero kidding.  My memory is impeccably bad.  Makes total sense, I know but it's true.  The D.I. gives me tunnel vision.  On a billion things at once.  It's a problem.  I go so crazy that D can't keep up with me.  We left with tons of clothes, home decor items, and parts of our halloween costumes.  What are we being?  I cannot disclose that information.  You'll be able to put it in the books though.  I never dress up so this is big news.

Yet another random, babbling post.

Happy (almost) Monday.  I really like Mondays.  I feel bad because they get left high and dry because everyone loves every other day more.  Be positive peeps!  At least we're alive for another week on this beautiful Earth! 

Well, bye.

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