life is good.

Wednesday, October 3

This picture is from the Naulu family camera during our trek in Canada.  This earth truly is a beautiful place.  I am grateful to live on it every single day.  Nothing makes me feel more peace or happiness than spending time outdoors.  I always tell Dall, "If I'm sick and dying, there are two things I'll need to do a lot.  Swing and spend tons of time outdoors."  I have an infatuation with swinging.  We will have swings in our backyard.  Tall ones.  Something about feeling a breeze on my face calms me down.  When we're stressed, we always take the scooter for a ride.  It helps.

I love my job.  Yes, people say this all the time, but I really mean it.  Seriously though.  I am the dreadful, negative person who absolutely hates to work... until now.  I want to get on the rooftop and tell the world how glorious my job is.  I work at Taylor Elementary School in the preschool.  I get to play, sing, dance, paint, and laugh my tush off with 3 and 4 year olds all day.  They are the cutest little farts.  I want to have one.  So bad people. It's not right.

It happened.  I received the email.  I PASSED THE WRITING EXAM!!!!!!!  (English is most definitely not one of my strong suits.)  This means my application is complete and I have offically applied to the special education program at Utah State University.  The ball of anxiety inside me just unravelled.  This is good.

Get a load of this.  Dallin Naulu, you know, my husband, is the most amazing human being on this planet.  I went there.  I said it.  Time and time again, he is overly patient with me and my scatter-brained, messy, obnoxious, moody ,hormonal self.  Sometimes I cannot believe I even got married, let alone to the most amazing man I have ever met.  I'm the luckiest girl in the world.  Bottom line. 

Oh. I want to be an artist. Real bad.  I love their sloppy refined uniqueness. Yeah, I want that. I guess their creativity wouldn't hurt either.

Don't worry, I'll slowly make my way down from cloud nine.  I might take my sweet time but do you blame me?  I may just build my dream house up here. 

My horn is about out of toots however.  Now I want to hear your toots.  What good things has life thrown your way as of late?  

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