Thursday, August 2

these are glorious.

i love cooking in the summer because if you're not in the mood to cook or don't have enough time, you can quickly whip something together to slap on the grill.

last night we had marinated chicken (baja citrus, its a must try), baked potatoes, and veggie kabobs. 

kabobs:  zucchini, red bell pepper, and yellow squash (you can obviously use any, these are just a couple of my favorites.) Next, top/soak the veggies with italian dressing (any brand will work. i just used western family.  we're poor newlyweds remember?) If you're not planning on grilling them then just cook the veggies in the dressing in a frying pan.

to finish it up, sprinkle on some montreal steak seasoning.  i DO NOT know how people survived without this stuff, along with onera and ranch.

happy grilling!

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