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Friday, July 20

golf is slowly taking over our lives.  i'm becoming more and more okay with it each and every day.

crunchy peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam sandwiches (on harper's white bread. toooo dieeee for!!) are our new go to snack.

i absolutely love every second of the rain.  i'm a big fan of summer storms.  let the thunder roll!

i have almost stopped cooking dinners.  i have fallen off the edge of my wifely hood. good news is that i just received a new ward cook book.  so it won't be long before our apartment smells of great home cooking (i'm crossing my fingers at least)

i am an open person.  most of the time too open. i have no filter.  this needs some repair.  

i cannot contain my excitement for the bachelorette finale.  the reality tv train has hit me smack in the face. sorry d. (he finds tv a waste of time)  i don't tell him my opinion on golfing three times a week.  ooohhhh i went there.  i love him though. he's hot.

i am slightly  agitated with the floral head boards nailed to the walls.  i don't know how to decorate around them.  our guest room feels like a haunted bed & breakfast from the 1920s. yeah, come stay with us.  i dare you. (the mattress is also wrapped in plastic.  i don't dare ask why.)

my luck has proven itself yet again.  my first fiesta days rodeo in three years and .. it's stormy.  it's fine.  i'll make dall dance with me in the rain.

thank goodness it's friday. 

canada countdown:  t-minus 5 days.  aside from the 13 hour car ride.  i am oober excited.  yes, i said oober.

happy end of the week!

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