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Wednesday, July 18

cherry tomatoes. they are my new favorite "healthier" snack.  grab a handful or cut them in half with a little salt and pepper! yes please.  i am counting down the days to when i can go pick up some corn and fresh garden tomatoes.  i'd be surprised if the workers at the corn stand haven't  noticed my relentless staring as i drive by in the 90 honda.  i'm a sore thumb and i'm okay with it.

(if you're a tomato lover like me, which i'm sure there are a select few of you. there are a few glorious recipes on the way when the tomatoes finally find there way to the corn stand.)

these hands are getting crafty ya'll!!  i have completed my first attempt at revamping a piece of furniture.

we found this baby at a yard sale when we were engaged and snagged it for a whopping 10 dollars. stellar deal in my opinion.  it was in desperate need of some love and care and i am now just barely getting around to it. it's fine.

i am aware the dresser looks a different shade of yellow in each picture. this would be do to my lack of photography skills and photo editing. i will learn someday.  

the goal color was a slightly dark mustard yellow.  fail.  we now have a bright and gleaming dresser shaped sun in our living room but i love it none the less.  

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