unexpected guest.

Monday, June 11

My parents have been on this traveling kick lately. Mostly because Kelsey (my little sister) can travel better these days after her surgery.

They planned to head to St. George for the weekend to do absolutely nothing. 

This of course sounding glorious.  Inevitably, I asked to tag along.

Dallin wasn't able to get off work.  What's a girl to do? Strand him at home for the weekend. Sorry Dall.

We left Friday morning and spent the whole time by the pool, eating out (my worst of guilty pleasures), & shopping a bit.  

Trip Highlights:

Reserved parking stalls for expectant mothers.  
Yet another reason to love Old Navy.
Scored 3 shirts on the sale rack.
Now I just need to become an expecting mother.

My reading addiction has yet to subside.
My current read is:
 Miss Peregrine's Home for  Peculiar Children.
It sounded intriguing.
I'll let you know how it is.

Spending a whole weekend with the moms & pops.
Along with the cutest person on earth. Kelsey Marie
(it was odd feeling like a guest on the trip)
Yet another joy of getting married.
Viewing the one & only  BIG rock candy mountain.
I guess every town has their claim to fame.
I just thought it was suppose to be cool.

Enjoying the perks of the handicap parking pass.
Thanks Kels. We're lazy.

Cheers to doing nothing.  including not getting ready.
probably the best two things in life.

you lose the desire to get ready the day after your wedding.
i've learned to accept looking disgusting day after day.

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