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Tuesday, June 12

This is the first season of the bachelorette that i've watched. I'm sold.

First things first.  Kalon.  "We need to get back to rehearsals, you can run along." what a tool... Ta ta loser. I wish he would have tripped on his way out.

Sean.  Classic high school pretty boy.  He's a looker and a charmer. Cha-ching.  I am now a member of team Sean.

Jef.  Stellar outfit.  Horrible hair.  I'll cross my fingers for some freak accident where his hair gets chopped off.

Doug. Emotions are on a teeter-totter with him.  He seems like a good guy but i'm still a little sketchy.

Ryan.  Arrogant, semi handsome man.  I don't like him.  Unfortunately, Emily does.

Alejandro.  Why was he still there?  I was shocked when he didn't have an accent.

I'm running out of men that i'm glad to see go home.  Anticipation is building.

Mondays can't come quick enough.
Cheers to plastering personal lives on national television.

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  1. I was so shocked when the shroom farmer didn't have an accent.

    Off with Ryan's head. Off with it.


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