I wish my middle name was LaVonda.

Tuesday, May 1

Today is one of those days where I am longing to spend some good quality time with grandma LaVonda.  Every time I eat black licorice, all of the memories come flooding back.  All the sunday morning sessions of conference where she slowly starts slumping to the side, until she's pretty much sleeping on her hip.  All the stories about "her" and "him" and never knowing who "he" or "she" really was.  All the extra pounds I gained from the mini frozen pizzas and endless supply of ice cream treats.  All the disturbing discoveries found in the fridge that had been growing things for months.  All the warm summer nights spent out on the driveway swing.  & all the diet sunkist and diet coke with lime anyone could ever ask for.  


I can't believe it's almost been a year since we've seen you.  I miss you like crazy every single day.  You were always a great example to me and I am still constantly learning from you.  I wish you could have been there for the wedding, even though I know you were, I just couldn't see you.  The temple is an amazing place, and I think of you every time we go.   Everyone is doing good around here, as you probably know.  Kelsey has hardly gotten sick at all this year, which is very good news.  Jess and Alex have moved back to Spanish and are both working! No babies yet however, we might just have to beat them to the punch!  My mom and dad actually get out of the house these days and see the world.  Kels can travel a lot better now since the surgery, the three of them even took a road trip to Sedona, Arizona.  Yeah, I thought it was random too, but they had a blast! (i'm still hearing about the trip)  Well, I hope everything is going great with you grams.  I can't help but wonder what it's like where you are.  I hope you, grandpa, diana, and the rest of the family are doing well even though I don't doubt that you are!  Tell everyone hello.  I love you grams,


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