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Thursday, March 15

sometimes i really wish we could just refresh.
the exciting life of a newlywed just got a little more exciting.
(or in my words, just a little more stressful)
the hubby and i are both going to school full time and working
this semester has been complete mayhem with our class load
at the end of the semester i will have had 9 presentations
might i say, it is getting easier though. practice really does make perfect
we are planning now to move back up near our hometown because dall received a great job offer
(at the golf course, so of course we can't pass that up! come on, now)
i have been thinking about where to start working as well
we talked about this very thing, and the very next day i received a phone call
a blessing disguised as a job opportunity!
this is a management position which i have no experience with but it will be a really great adventure
as of now i am a happily newlywed woman going to school full time
working one job and in the process of learning another
i can say i have a lot of respect for dall now, he does this all the time and handles it like a champ
yet another reason i am the luckiest girl for marrying dallin ray naulu!

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