lessons to be learned.

Thursday, March 15

seeing that dall is going into the golf industry i see it fit to get into the swing of things & learn a thing of two. ha ha yes i know.. i am hoping my cheesiness will someday turn witty.  As you have probably seen my excitement of our st. george trip plastered all over the blog, it's obvious that we took a golfing excursion during our trip.  With softball mechanics grained in my brain clear back from t-ball, i can safely say that it is going to be a very long road to learn the way of golf.  i'm starting to conquer the words of this crazy sport, however, i have yet to remember the unwritten rule to not speak while someone is hitting.  i'm not sure what it is about a golf course, but as soon as i step on to one, my expressive side explodes and i can't stop chattering away.  
(my personal reasoning is that it keeps me from boredom but we won't tell dallin that.)  
my only hope is that one day, i will not only be able to hit the ball, but that it will actually get more than three feet away from me.

because you're nice, i know you're probably thinking, hey she doesn't look so bad compared to him.

the truth:  this is dallin's natural finish.  me on the other hand, was positioned by dallin for five minutes before the picture was taken.

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