road trip.

Saturday, February 25

Hate to do this to ya, but (bragbook) we are going
on our first trip together as a newlywed couple!!!!
(minus the honeymoon of course)
This will be the first official trip fully funded by the Naulu's!
Where are we going you ask?
The one & only St. George, Utah.
I bet you're thinking I should rip this page out of the bragbook
but I must say this is a big day for us!
What could be better than packing up our lovely things
in our 1990 maroon, paint chipped, honda civic 
(the better of our two cars I mind you)
and heading off to a wonderland of hiking, sleeping, EATING, 
warm weather, the temple, family, and friends.
The hotel is booked and we are getting our giddy tushes out 
of here on the 8th day of March!
Cheers to spring break and an early birthday!

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