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Sunday, February 26

Cleaning. This being the item that we have procrastinated quite awhile around here.
and I'm talking about the deep stuff.  Hands and knees, sweat dripping off your nose, 
extra elbow grease is essential, really really refreshing kind of cleaning.
Let's be honest, it takes quite the motivation to hop up and do those jobs, 
especially when your schedule is complete mayhem!
What was our motivation?  guests. we were having people come stay over at 
our humble abode. This was the moment in time when I looked at Dallin and said, 
This is happening.
I must admit, we both found that these grime grueling activities were
quite the stress relievers for us. fancy that right?  I consider it quite the discovery!
Any who, now that our apartment was completely cleanly in every nick and cranny,
I had high hopes that it would stay that way.
So now I have turned into this cleaning crazed commander in the house!
The point of this whole ongoing novel is that I have discovered a way to clean
a thing that I have never cleaned before. The dishwasher!
(oh the irony of cleaning the things that actually do the cleaning)  
it's safe to say that it has brightened our world like a ray of sunshine! 
As of late, it has been leaving this odd film on our dishes when they are done
and I haven't been a big fan.  but the good news is that those slum days are
in the past my friends! We had the will and Jill had the way!  
My fondness of blogs is surely increasing.  If you want to view the tricks
she has up her sleeve, I would strongly encourage you to do so!
You can find her brilliant ideas
One good thing at a time!

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