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Thursday, December 15

December 2006.
This was the month where my life truly began!  In this picture (yes the one above) was the first night I knew for sure that I was utterly and completely in love with Dallin Ray Naulu.  I mean, I was 15 and wise as ever.  I was wearing a pink shirt, black jacket, (as you can see) and army pants and i'm sorry to let you down but no, I was not wearing flip flops.  Joke from the movie Mean Girls for those of you that are need of a hint.  I remember that as clear as yesterday because I felt like a million bucks that night.  Horrific right?  I mean look at me?  I really had nothing going for me.  I had the hair color of wheat puke, braces, and let's face it I hadn't even reached the age where dating was legal!  
Although I was pretty pathetic, THE Dallin Naulu plopped right next to play a good game of Apples to Apples, quite a fine game if you ask me.  Teenage love obsession does not even come close to cutting it with this one.  My best friend Kylee, the one next me in the picture below, had to be the one to bring me back from space and tell me that he said I was too young for him.  (It was a legitimate case, because I was only a freshman in junior high and he was a junior in high school.  That breaks all sorts of moral/reputation standards!)  None the less, I was heart broken and Ky stuck with me through it all.  I even had a song by Aly and AJ called "In a second" yes, I made it a point to provide if for you at the bottom of the page so can then see what a fool I was. ha ha  So, I am almost positive that you are just dying to hear the end of this story so get ready.  Some time passes and guess what happens?  Kylee (yes, my best friend who is 1 year older than me) and Dallin (yes, the love of my life) start... DATING!! So what do i do?  I go and find another handsome but slightly crazy boy that is also the same age as Dallin (Damon).  Go figure right?  But when sophomore year comes around, Things have taken their place and I am dating one of Dallin's friends Caleb, and He is still dating Ky.  I must admit that this was by far the best year of high school so I am not complaining.    
I hope I didn't lose you somewhere in there but this is the basic, but necessary background of our story.  :)

This is my reasoning for the obsession, enjoy.

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