pride and joy

Friday, January 10

Brynn from Sunndays Photography came to take our newborn session.
She really outdid herself!  They are absolute perfection!
 photo signature_zps1aef2f90.png


  1. she is beautiful! what a stunning family!

  2. Anonymous1/11/2014

    Ahhh Caitlin! These photos are breathtaking!! Your little girl is perfect & beautiful. So happy for you guys :)

  3. There was no doubt in my mind the two of you would create beautiful perfection, but OH MY GOSH!! She's absolute magic. I am so beyond happy for you. Your baby girl has such a wonderful mama. Oh my heart is full!

  4. I love that grey blanket and headband! Would you mind sharing where you found them? Also, your little girl is stinkin adorable!


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