Thursday, December 26

We of course don't have enough patience to wait to get the pictures back from our newborn shoot, so we decided to take some of our own (I thought they were plus signs on my sweater when I bought it so no judgement. ha ha).  This is little girl is just a dream, I cannot get over it.  I am so glad we had a girl so we could use my Aunt Diana's shoes, mittens, and bracelet in the pictures.  Diana is my dad's oldest sibling that only lived 26 days.  I cannot wait to meet her someday.  I also cannot wait for Auni girl to wear my blessing dress in a couple of months.  
That's going to be a special day.
 photo signature_zps1aef2f90.png


  1. She is gorgeous!! I can't get over her perfect little face.

  2. she is so adorable, congratulations!

  3. SO precious! these photos are gorgeous!


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