when i'm pregnant I will...

Friday, July 26

Always try to get ready and look cute.  Nope.
Start decking out the nursery right away.  Nope.
Not cave and buy maternity clothes early.  Nope.
Take cute pictures of my growing belly each and every month.  Nope.
Love not having un-welcomed visits from Aunt Flow every month.  Check.
Will make my regular clothes work for the larger part of my pregnancy.  Nope.
Own the fact that I will get extremely large.  Check.
(My mom was a walrus during her pregnancies.  It runs in the family.)
Buy a petunia pickle bottom diaper bag right away.  Check.  
(It's a backpack with a detachable changing pad. Yeah, I knew you would agree.  Check out the one we got here.)

Overall, we have an adorable, outrageously priced diaper bag and maternity clothes save lives.
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  1. which petunia pickle bottom diaper bag did you get? i sort of want one & i'm not even knocked up. they are adorbs.

    1. Meg, they are seriously the cutest! I got the Almond & Raspberry Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag. You can see it here


  2. Really, the diaper bag and new clothes are reason enough to have a baby. Kidding. Mostly.

    1. Anonymous7/26/2013

      I agree. mostly.

  3. hahaha i'm sure you still look flawless. also, i love, love, love this new blog layout.

  4. Anonymous7/26/2013

    I LOVE that Petunia Pickle Bottom bag you got. It's so cute! And your new blog lay-out is the shiz.

  5. LOVE.
    and maternity clothes are the best.

  6. those bags are adorable!! and i don't blame you for buying maternity clothes...im sure ill cave early as well.

  7. i love this. i thought i would have done a million things differently before i was pregnant.... then when it happened none of it happened haha.

  8. I have a maternity dress I bought last month and there are zero babies in my belly. Gotta prepare when you see the good stuff on sale. No shame.

  9. I just found your blog through Rylee's and I have to tell you we have so much in common!! My husband and I are also nearing our 2 year anniversary and we also have a baby due in December! I totally thought I would be able to pull off just wearing my normal clothes all through pregnancy (because one of my friends did, so I thought it was possible) ha! No way. I'm not even that big yet but i'm already dying!!




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