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Wednesday, July 17

Well friends,

one)  I have become despicably horrible at blogging.  I don't have any excuses other than work, school, eating, sleeping, and pretty much anything else takes priority over blogging.  It's depressing, I know.

two)  I'm getting chubby.  It's official.  My buttons don't button and my zippers don't zip.  I always thought I would love playing up the awkward stage of pregnancy.  It's very apparent you are getting larger but it's not quite apparent that you're pregnant.  I thought I would love making people feel dumb when I tell them I'm not pregnant when they ask.  This is not the case however, sometimes I'm self conscious and other days I just don't care. Plus, I'm a horrible liar, so that plan was never really in my favor.

three)  Pregnancy sure does make you feel out of shape.  It's been almost unbearable to not be able to go jogging this summer.  All I want to do is listen to blasting music and sweat my tush off while running up the canyon.  As for now, walking just isn't cutting it.  Walking 9 holes of golf with Dall on rainy days is quite enjoyable though.  I have to admit that my calves were soar the day after.  Fail.  I need a pregnancy personal trainer.  Anyone?

four)  I will finally take a real picture of my growing belly one of these days but that will require me actually getting ready.  Don't get your hopes too high people.

five)  the perks of pregnancy.  you pee all the time.  Gas instantly hits after eating.  You are ALWAYS hungry.  So therefore, you are always gassy...yikes is right.  You are a hormonal wreck (Dall is an extremely patient man).  Some days you go to the grocery to pick up your lunch of totino's pizza and black licorice.  I'm classy.  I promise I do eat healthy people, don't think my baby is dying because he/she is most definitely well fed!

six) I am so unbelievably happy to be having a little one but gosh dang nine months is sure a long time!  I just want to snuggle the little munchkin right now!


  1. Such a beautiful bump :)

  2. Anonymous7/18/2013

    You can't go running when you're pregnant!?? Oh my I had no idea, I'm going to die!

  3. the cutest, cait.

  4. i'm so excited for you!

  5. Anonymous7/24/2013

    I'm pretty sure you can run while pregnant... I've got a cousin doing it right now (and she is 14 weeks along).

    1. Every doctor has their opinion. Mine told me it wasn't the best idea because your joints loosen when you're pregnant. I have a cousin as well that is running and she is due in October. This is her third pregnancy and she now has a good feel of what pain is alright and what pain is alarming. I think with upcoming pregnancies, I will for sure work out more when I feel more comfortable with pregnancy.


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