Soo.... I may be slightly out of shape. 
Dall and I have been pep talking each other up to start insanity this week.
It was all fine and dandy until I almost died. Literally.
It's not even right.  The title of Insanity is more than fitting.
At this very moment, every inch of leg muscles are having spasms.  It's fine.
This is going to be a long six weeks people.
Along as some of this blubber comes off along the way, I'll survive.
Happy road to health, or death.  Same thing.
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  1. My husband and I just started. The only word to describe it is insane. I would say it gets easier, but it doesn't ha ha. Good luck girl!

  2. i attempted it.. then gave up. it was way too crazy for me haha props to you.

  3. hahaha oh my gosh. that's awesome.

  4. I've recently decided I'm obsessed with your blog! Good work. haha

  5. I keep starting then giving up. It's a never ending cycle. Good luck and have fun!

  6. Insanity really is so insane. I find myself just cussing in my head over and over and then I say out loud "I WILL LOOK SO GOOD NAKED" and I keep going. TMI? I don't care.

    Keep blogging. You're cool!


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