we can't wait to go back to india.

Friday, January 18

and by we, I mean Dallin.  I'll be outrageously excited to go for my first time!
Dallin served an LDS mission in India for 2 years and loved every second of it.
We occasionally look back through all of the pictures he took and he tells me how much he misses it.

I'll be honest, I cannot wait to ride an elephant and gorge myself with all the Indian food I can lay my hands on.  I'm well aware how weird it is to be so excited over food.  Oh well.  Welcome to the life of Caitlin!

On the other hand, the poverty will not sit well with me.  I know I'll most likely bawl my eyes out every time we see someone living in horrible conditions, especially children.

Overall, I know it will be an amazing experience and I know I will be wayyy more grateful for how we live here in the states.  We have no idea just how blessed we are.

I better not get ahead of myself because considering plane tickets round trip to just one of three locations for both of us are 4,000 big ones.  We'll have to wait awhile before going back.  Lame.

I can't wait to travel with D again.  It was so attractive when we traveled for our honeymoon because he knew exactly where to go and I always felt really safe.  He's such a man.  A incredibly handsome man.

p.s. Apparently Dall has always had a gift for photo taking.  It just took me a long time to notice.  Go him.

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