Monday, January 14

((Instagram: @caitlinnaulu))

1. Target keeps me organized.  I have absolutly awful memory.  I'm getting quite concerned.  I literally forget everything.
2. Dall did a glorious job on my ring.  It's nothing like I expected but I love it all the same.  20 months later and I still stare at it every day.

3. Oh the peace and comfort that enters my heart when I walk through these doors. The temple is kind of a glorious place.
4. I desperately need yoga back in my life. (Or just anything, because my chubby bum needs to get back in shape.)  It's the rough truth.  You know it's bad when you're winded after walking up the stairs.  You can't help but think, "Geez fatty."

5. Pistachios will be the death of me.  I cannot control myself around these little devils.
6. I love everything about winter except for driving in it....and when it's below zero.  Curse the cold weather. (This is a negative post.)

7. Target did it again.  Mini clipboards, really?  I couldn't resist.  I wanted to buy five.
8. Knickknacks and trinkets.  The part of decorating that truly intimidates me.  I never know where to put things.

9. Fiesta Ranch.  This stuff will change your life.  I eat quadruple the amount of vegetables I used to because of this glorious stuff.  Considering you mix it with sour cream, it's probably not the healthiest thing but hey, at least I'm getting my vegetables.
10. Here's to healthy snacks.  Or forgetting to eat lunch, so you eat this.


  1. lance armstrong would get winded after walking up the stairs at byu. don't feel bad hahah

  2. your decorating is fantastic. I really should take lessons from you. and pistachios.WIN.

  3. i've read your blog for a while now, and just want to say that i think you are fantastic. you just seem like a genuinely good person. oh, and your ring is stunning too.



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