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Tuesday, November 27

Saia and Mikell are 3 months pregnant.  (Dall's brother and sister-in-law)

This makes me so happy I could cry.  This will dramatically decrease my baby hunger because there will be a baby around 24-7.  I only wish they lived closer because Salt Lake is way too far away to see a baby on a daily basis.

It's almost disgusting how beautiful their babies are going to be.  I can't wait to welcome their gorgeous 1/4 tongan baby into the world.  Partly, because I can't wait to see what a 1/4 tongan baby looks like (ours will have to look somewhat similar right?)....and I'm going to be the favorite aunt.  It's official.  (You don't have a chance Bina.)

Well happy baby making everyone!  It's an exciting hobby.  I'm so inappropriate.  


  1. aw yay!! i just found out my sister is preggo too and i'm wiggin out. i'm gonna be an aunt?? what the what?? my sister is old enough to have kids??
    though i'm quite aware i won't be favorite aunt. my little sister is obsessed with babies and i steer clear of them...
    congrats to you and them!!

  2. my sister in law just had a baby, and i thought it would make my baby hunger go away too.
    i was wrong, i just want one of my own even more now lol.


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