we can party. let's just do it over dinner.

Tuesday, October 23

I'm a girl all about food.  It's a sad confession really.  I tell dall all the time that I hope there is food in heaven.  Can you imagine how amazing the food would be?  It's literally uncomprehendable.

I was feeling rather adventurous the other night so we decided to invite some friends over for dinner.  We invited four couples but only one was able to come on such short notice.  This was good because I then realized we only have one dining table that seats four people.  We would have had to do it Korean style.  Considering one of them is in her nine month of pregnancy and half of them are men, that would have been terribly awkward.

We had chicken enchiladas with mexican rice.  It was glorious.  I am always in the mood for mexican food.  We topped off our stuffed bellies with pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  (quite the combo eh?)  I forgot how much I love those little suckers.  I can never stop myself.  Especially the next day because they get even better.

I'm a Mormon, and I love food.

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