mile marker two. part one.

Thursday, October 25

It has taken me way too long to record our second home. 

First up is the living room and somewhat dining area.  It's really the only place in the house I can really decorate.  You will soon find out why when I document the rest of this glorious place! I bet you can't wait.  It was a stormy day so I apologize for the bad lighting.

Say hello to our living room.  It's on furniture overload but we love it all the same.

Side Note:  The middle frame is suppose to contain a wedding picture that I have yet to develope.  It's been over a year, no big deal.

I guess three different views will do the trick.  I got picture happy.

Left:  Sandi's (our landlord) Centerpiece plus our candlesticks.  It tickles my fancy.
Right:  Our new rug I bought from a friend who was moving.  The nice thing about it, is that it folds right up like a blanket.

Left: A footstool I found at an estate sale used as an end table because we don't have one.
Right:  Boxes full of childhood memories given to me from my grandma.  

Left:  The most pointless corner in the living room but feel free to sit down if you want.  That great fake tree is ridiculously heavy so we didn't even attempt to move it.  It's literally filled to the brim with real rocks.
Right:  Our three chair dining table.  We inherited my parents dining table but we're just waiting for them to put their new one in so we can have it.

Sandi's glorious whatever it's called.  I have loved having this to store our dishes because kitchen storage is really hard to come by here. I want to buy it from her.

This would be the study nook.  Welcome to our cluttery corner.  My little desk and our messy bookshelves with way too many pointless nicknacks on top.  You can formally meet chubby bunny. (top left on the book shelf)  He'll always have a special place in our home.

Here would be D's desk.  It's his missionary part of the house.  He says it looks just like a desk on his mission.  The savior keeps him company while he does his homework too.

Well that's our humble home.  We love it and are just enjoying the poor, humble lives of newlyweds.  It's really the best thing ever.  We're just grateful to have food on the table each week and two cars that run.

Happy stormy Thursday to you and you.


  1. darling darling darling.
    love it all!

  2. Love this post! So cute, love the vintage feel and colours in the room, especially the pops of orange and green!

  3. look atchu! you sure have a knack for interior design, i love it all, and how creative it is. youve definitely made it "your own". kev and i were talkin the other day about how its crazy that we havent gotten together for a double yet... lets put a mark in history and make it happen? ya?


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