i was a rather awkward child.

Friday, October 5

my mother & a comb were a dangerous weapon.  my team name of firecrackers was more than fitting.

I apparently thought I was funny.  Even before the age of 5.

I once was a boy.  Oh, did you not know?  I was the only boy my dad baptized.  Considering my parents had three girls, this claim is not extremely flattering.

I obviously looked up to my older sister.  She was rad.

Dalmatian themed party.  I was popular.   Who could resist liking you with a smile of a gremlin? 

Snowmobiling with dad.  Which meant I got to pick out a soda pop and a candy bar.  There seriously was nothing better.

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  1. Anonymous10/25/2012

    I love your blog! You are too funny! from Nicole M


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