i feel liberal-ated.

Friday, October 19

I went out to eat by myself yesterday.  Sit down restaurant and all. No joking.  I was feeling bold.  I'd do it again.  I'm usually not a big fan of Red Robin because I never leave there completely satisfied by my meal.  (I'm not picky, I promise you.  If it's edible, I will eat it.)  But... we went there last weekend for a date night and I was overly pleased.  I was able to order 50 different things without it being too much to eat. We even got a free appetizer.  Score. I firmly believe a plate has to contain at least 3 different flavors/foods to be great.  My waitress was glorious.  And hilarious.  She didn't make me feel dumb at all.  The fellow surrounding diners were not as kind however.  They look at you with eyes full of pitty, wondering why you don't have friends. One day I want to become a different person and do it again.  Goth perhaps?  A disgusting, bad-hygiene tomboy?  Let's get creative here.  I want to see how they treat me.  Even though we're poor, I love leaving tips bigger than the cost of the meal with a little note on the receipt.  They deserve it.

One night when Dall is out of town, I will go to a movie by myself in my pajamas and load up on the snacks like a chipmunk.  It will happen.

I went running up the canyon through all the leaves today.  I felt like superwoman.  Until I almost died because I'm so out of shape. Talk about a rude awakening.  I'd rather have ice cold water dumped on my face while I'm sleeping.  Okay, maybe I took it a little far, but really.  I always feel like I think about weird things while I'm running.  Today, I wished I could have a camera in my eyes to snap pictures of exactly what I see.  Pictures with peripheal vision.  Come on, you know that would be wickedly awesome.  Sometimes I talk like a dude.  It's embarrassing.

I'm debating weather to incorporate some outfits into the blog.  I have found some glorious finds through some thrifting lately.  I get the outfit on and decide to do it and then I look at the pictures and want to vomit.  I always look so awkward.  I guess that's old news really but I wouldn't mind a change in some self scenery. 

I should be doing homework right now.  I do homework on our bed.  I mean, I'm going to be here awhile, (especially because I'm taking stupid pictures of myself and blogging instead) so I might as well be comfortable.

I apologize for writing about completely pointless things.  It's pretty much all that is happening in life right now.  Aside from politics. Whooooosh!  Sheesh, I barely dodged that rusting, poisinous bullet.  I do encourage everyone to vote however, it's quite important. (YOU'RE ONE VOTE DOES MATTER!!) I just refuse to talk about my stand in the election.

Have a glorious weekend and soak up every single second of it!


  1. you should do outfit posts! i think you're cute.

  2. Your Blogger profile totally hooked me! So cute. As are you and your hubby.

    I confess to literally laughing out loud at your "Now-ew-loos" bit. I don't know your other half's ethnicity, but my Mr. M is half Hawaiian (half Scot), and our daughter's name is Maile (pronounced Miley -- yes, like Miley Cyrus), which is a Hawaiian name -- I can't tell you how many crazy pronunciations we hear, so I can only imagine what you go through!

    In college, I turned going to movies by myself into an art form. Totally digging the fact that you braved Red Robin!

  3. 1. Please do outfit posts. You have a really cute style and I always see little staples that I think are cute and would love to just see them more. You have a nice style!

    2. So amazing that you mentioned the camera in your eyes thing. Don't you just want to share everything you see with people who cannot be there?
    I think it's brilliant but whenever I tell other people they think I'm crazyyy.


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