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Friday, September 21

The husband treated me to a date night that almost broke the bank.  It was worth every penny, literally.  

I have been a die hard Train fan from the moment I came out of the womb.  I greeted the world singing "Meet Virginia", but then they named me Caitlin.  It will do I suppose.

Nothing tops new t-shirts, live music, good food, and my favorite shoes.  I have almost worn the soles right off these beauts.  When the time comes to part ways, it will be extremely bitter.

While extensive date nights are quite glorious, I am always ready to get home by the end of them.  A night at home in big comfortable sweats being a no make-up, braless wonder almost always trumps the idea of getting ready, going out, and spending money. (Being in the presence of Train is the one exception.)

Now up: necessary details.

All three of the musical talents (Andy Grammer, Mat Kearney, & Train) were outstanding live.  I dare say they sounded better than when recorded.  

Matt Kearney has an easy going performance style.  I'm a big fan of reggae music so this was a plus.  

Pat Monahan was funny but he was crude and cussed a lot.  He brought like 10 girls up on stage.  Oh, who I would I punch in the face to be one of those girls.  Not literally of course, but maybe.

Train sang both of my favorite songs.  Meet Virginia and Drops of Jupiter.  Brownie point.

Driving and parking in Salt Lake gives me anxiety.  Other than that, I would love the city life.

I'm blabbering. This is boring. So happy Saturday.  

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  1. I love this. Come visit me in SLC and I will take care of the driving and parking. :) love you both.


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