Tuesday, September 25

Meet Sabrina. (Dall's seester)  They call her bina.  I call her bean-head.

One lucky fella had the glorious privilege of taking this gorgeous lady on her first date. (hubba hubba)

It was pretty evident that I was more excited than she was about the dance.  This being because I get overly excited about anything in life really, but more so over other's love lives!  

She somehow agreed to go dress shopping with me and we found this gem!  You go Dillard's.  It seems we have to shop in the old women's section these days to find modest dresses.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than having to constantly worry if your tush is peeking out at the world.

I felt like a proud mother snapping photos as she was leaving.  I can't wait for that day by the way.  The day when our children's dates are going to have to deal our excessive teasing.  It runs in the families.  Yes, both of ours.  It makes life more enjoyable in my opinion.  I'm all about blunt honestly as of late.  It's a breath of fresh air.

Tuesdays are good days.  Have a happy day everyone.

1 comment :

  1. I LOVE her dress. She looks gorgeous. Lucky guy :)

    Anddd I just blogged stalked you for the last hour, you're the cutest. I'll pay you to take me shopping, too.


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