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Friday, September 14

It just dawned on me that I never shared the gems I found when we went on our yard sale extravaganza.  I spent 30 dollars and got everything you see below and more.  It was a good day. We hit the jack pot when we found two estate sales going on.  This is where everything in a home is being sold.  I don't like to think why, so we'll just avoid that topic all together.  

My finds included:  6 vintage sewing patterns, (Yes, I'm learning to sew just so I can make these.) 2 old brown office chairs, 2 foot stools, a mustard yellow blender, (it works like a champ) a polka dress, (It was from an antique loving elderly lady. She had 6 storage units full.  It fits perfectly, even garment worthy. Score.) a jewelry case, and 3 pairs of vintage earrings.

Items not photographed: Roll of vintage ribbon, a crochet baby blanket, (I couldn't find them.  And yes I bought a baby blanket, what's it to ya?) a blazer, (from the same elderly lady.), a vintage suitcase, (rainbow, I might add.) and a sweet chair.  It even has a footstool.  (these were for my sister.)

Best 30 dollars I've ever spent.  Plus, I got some quality time with the sister, so how I could I go wrong?

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