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Monday, August 20

Looking back at our first year of marriage, I have learned a slew of things.

1. First and foremost, communication.  I strongly believe that a marriage will not last without adequate communication.  Close to, if not all of our scuffles have resulted from a lack of communication or bad management of the other's expectations. (This applies not only in daily life but also in the bedroom. oohhh risque! But really.)  More times than not, the solution can be found to nearly any problem just by talking about it.

2. Next up, the whole "I" becoming "we" transition.  This of course including becoming full time roommates.   

Dall & I were relatively lucky because most of our little pet peeves were the same.  Excluding a few. He leaves drawers open.  I squeeze the toothpaste in the middle.  While these are funny, some couples in our ward got in some pretty doozy fights over these things.  I love the saying that couples should try getting used to each other instead of constantly trying to change each other.      

Marjorie Hinckley said it best:

Emma Marr Petersen, Mark E. Petersen’s wife, had warned Marjorie that the first ten years of marriage would be the hardest. Her comment both puzzled and shocked Marjorie, who later admitted: ‘I was just sure the first ten years would be bliss. But during our first year together I discovered she was dead right! There were a lot of adjustments. Of course, they weren’t the kind of thing you ran home to mother about. But I cried into my pillow now and again. The problems were almost always related to learning to live on someone else’s schedule and to do things someone else’s way. We loved each other, there was no doubt about that. But we also had to get used to each other. I think every couple has to get used to each other’” 

(more about the previous president of our church and his lovely wife can be found here.)

3. I've also come to the realization that men and women are ever so different. As if that is a newly discovered fact right?  Men and women's needs are extremely different.  Realize that and adjust your behavior accordingly.

4.  Always put your spouse first.  Always have them in mind, especially when making any decision.  It can be large or small.  If you both are giving 100% to each other, how can it not work out?  If you do, the odds will most definitely be in your favor.

Hands down, marriage is the best decision you will ever make.

It's sad to see that less and less people are having the desire for marriage.  This along with the statistics of marriage failure constantly climbing.  I will forever be a believer of getting hitched and I cannot wait to grow old with my handsome hunk of a hubby.  A girl would be outside her mind to not want to be sealed for Dallin Ray Naulu for eternity.  

Get married.  You won't regret it.  If you are married, do something hot for your husband. (or wife) ow ow!     


  1. Love this! Great perspective on marriage.


  2. ummm, hi. random commenter here. stumbled upon your blog and i LOVE it and i love this. especially #2 -- so, too true. you guys are the cutest :) thanks for this.


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